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Made in Haute-Savoie
Bespoke Skis


Since 2002 our skis have a personality consistent with our philosophy. We were one of the first manufacturers to create wide but multi-purpose skis.

We were next to the big brands, skied their skis, made Freeride and Derby’s competition. Our experience sits on robust bases. We are also independent ski instructors.

The pleasure of those who trust us is the biggest reward of our passion. We need to know the skier that you are or that you go to become to know which model will suit you the best. We shall be pleased to ski with you, do not hesitate to contact us to try our models.

We only make to order because our skis are a custom-made product.


At a time when the ski factories are deserting the country, we wanted to give a new impetus to our brand ... This is a process of autonomy, honesty and work ethic.

Flex and custom design.
Hand made Skis
by skiers.

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